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Coláiste Oiriall Vehicle Parking Policy for Students is designed to safeguard the health and safety of all persons on the school grounds. Safe driving habits should always be observed.

  • Driving to and from school is a privilege reserved for senior cycle students only who possess a full driver’s licence.
  • No student may possess or ride a motor bicycle or moped, a quad bike or tractor to/ at Coláiste Oiriall.
  • Students wishing to drive a car to school must apply to the Principal in writing seeking permission to bring the vehicle onto the Monaghan Education Campus (hereafter referred to as the ‘campus’)and may do so only when authorisation has been granted.
  • Students who are granted permission to drive onto the campus may only drive to and from Coláiste Oiriall at the start and end of the school day. They should not leave school premises in their car at any other time, unless permission has been granted by the Principal or Deputy Principal.
  • The Principal may request the student’s car keys to be left in the office during the school day.

Coláiste Oiriall requires all students seeking permission to drive onto the school grounds and to use the assigned student parking spaces to comply with the following:

  • provide written details of the vehicle, make, model and registration number and car owner
  • present a valid full driving licence, evidence of insurance to drive the vehicle, a valid Road Tax certificate and a copy of the NCT cert if applicable
  • Students with provisional licences may not bring a vehicle onto the campus.
  • Parking permission will only be given to full licence holders
  • The student assumes all responsibility for loss or damage to his/her car, its equipment and its contents.
  • Speeding, reckless operation, making excessive noise etc. on school property or near any school building will result in a student losing the privilege of parking on the campus.
  • Cars must be locked in the morning and must not be entered or moved during the day without official permission.
  • If a student remains late in school for extracurricular activities / after school tuition etc, the vehicle must remain parked until the student is returning home after these extra activities.
  • Students are not permitted to carry other passengers/ students. Any student who uses a vehicle to transport other students (other than siblings) will lose the privilege of parking on the campus.
  • Student car parking is available only in the top carpark on the campus (behind the Garage Theatre).
  • Students’ cars are off limits during the school day.
  • Students are prohibited from eating, smoking, sitting in or loitering around the cars parked on the campus.
  • Parking on the Monaghan Education Campus is a privilege that may be revoked based on issues around school truancy, punctuality, attendance problems or violation of other school rules and regulations.

    Violation of these regulations may cause loss of parking privileges and possible disciplinary action.

    In the interests of Health & Safety the Principal or Deputy Principal shall have the right to withdraw permission to drive onto school grounds without prior notice.

    This policy was adopted by the Coláiste Oiriall Board of Management on 26th March 2019

    This policy will be reviewed in 2021

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