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VSware is a cloud and mobile based school administration platform, which handles all core school data, including term reports, students’ timetables, attendance and parents’ explanations about absenteeism. 

You already have a unique username and password.  Parents of First Year students will receive it shortly.

These details are necessary to access your VSware account. There is only one login per family.

Your details remain the same indefinitely – so please store carefully. The address is

If this is your first-time logging into VSware, Coláiste Oiriall will send you your unique username by text message– usually Forename.Surname (eg. Mary.Murphy)

Na dóigheanna le teacht ar do chuntas VSware

You can access your Coláiste Oiriall VSware account in the following ways:

Option 1 - computer/laptop using the Google Chrome browser


Option 2 - mobile phone or tablet device such as iPad, Galaxy tablet

Option 1 – Accessing VSware via a computer/laptop

  • Open a browser – either Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.
  • Go to  (parents’ VSware account)
  • Enter your username and password and hit Login

If this is your first time accessing VSware you will have to create your own password as follows:

  • Click Create or reset your password
  • Enter your username (which we will have already sent to you by text) and also enter the last 4 digits of your mobile number, hit Send Code
  • You will receive a text message on your mobile phone with a code.
  • Enter code along with your new chosen password. Follow the instructions on screen and hit Change Password
  • You will be brought back to the login screen where you can enter your username, new password and hit Login

Option 2 – Accessing VSware via a device (mobile phone/tablet etc.)

  • Download the VSware app to the phone/device
  • For Android devices: Visit the Google Play Store on your device and search for 'VSware
  • For iOS devices (Apple): Visit the App Store on your device and search for 'VSware
  • Tap 'Install'.
  • Once the app is on your device, start typing the name of your school (Coláiste Oiriall), then select it from the dropdown list when it appears.
  • Enter your username and password and hit Login

If this is your first time accessing VSware, you will have to create your own password, see above panel.

Ag cur an scoil ar an eolas faoi asláithreachas

How to inform Coláiste Oiriall when your child was/will be absent for a full day or partial day?

  • Login to Parent’s VSware account ( on computer or laptop)
  • All your children attending Coláiste Oiriall are listed on the Parents’ dashboard
  • Click on the relevant student icon/photograph.
  • Go to Attendance screen for your child .

Future Absences

Scroll down to Absence Requests and click Submit Absence

Then select either Single Day or Multi Date and hit Next

Select date and type of absence and give one of the following three reasons for absenteeism

  • Aon Rud Eile (Other)
  • Coinne (Appointment)
  • Tinneas (Illness)

Provide reason for the absence

Hit submit.  Your absence request will be sent to the school for approval.

(we appreciate you can give rough times only for an appointment)

Note: if you select Single Day you will be given the option to select a Full Day or Partial Day absence

Past, unexplained absence

If your child has been absent in the past without an explanation being given to the school, you can type the reason

Go to the main Attendance screen for your child, scroll down to Absence Requests and click Submit Absence

Select Past Absence and hit Next

Then select the date in question, enter the type and reason for the absence and hit Submit. Coláiste Oiriall will then receive this information.

Please ensure that NOTIFICATIONS are turned on in settings for the VSware app.

Please ensure that you do not share your password with your son/daughter.

An dóigh le teacht ar thuairiscí measúnaithe do chuid páistí

How to access you son’s/daughter Coláiste Oiriall Assessment Reports (Halloween/Christmas/Mocks/Summer inhouse exams)?

Halloween, Christmas, Mock and Summer examination reports are issued to parents via VSware only. Log in to your VSware account

 Login to Parent’s VSware account: ( on computer or laptop)

This brings you to Parents’ dashboard.

All your children attending Coláiste Oiriall are listed on the dashboard.

Click on the relevant student icon/photograph.

Go to Assessment screen for your child 

  • Click Term Assessments tab.
  • Select an exam (eg. 2023 BL? Nollaig) from drop down menu.
  • The most recent exam results will appear. This displays the student's mark, grade and teacher comment for each subject.
  • You can also scroll down menu for previous examination results.
  • Parents can print off a school term report. Click actions, click Download Results.
  • A Word document will then download onto your computer or device and you will be able to view, save and print it.

If you have more than one child in the school, click on the relevant student icon/photograph on the dashboard and repeat the above to generate the report.

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