Tá fáilte romhat isteach chuig Coláiste Oiriall. Glac tamall anois chun aithne a chur orainn agus chun eolas a chur ar ár scoil. Coláiste Oiriall is a progressive and vibrant school working to the highest standards in teaching and learning. We boast a broad curriculum with a superb range of on-site facilities offering pupils an opportunity to excel. We have a very strong pastoral ethos and generous staff commitment to sporting and cultural activities. We have a very high success rate in securing places in universities and our examination results are consistently considerably higher than the national averages.


  • 2017 (42)
  • 2016 (70)
  • 2015 (85)
  • 2014 (70)
  • 2013 (45)
  • 2012 (43)
  • 2011 (55)
  • 2010 (10)


Coláiste Oiriall operates a strict uniform policy. Students are expected to be in full uniform while on the school premises and coming to and from school. A neatly worn uniform greatly enhances the image of a school. Our uniform is:

  • Maroon V neck jumper (70% acrylic and 30% wool) with school logo (€35)
  • Black bootleg trousers or straight skirt with pleat in back for girls (€30)
  • Black polyester/viscose trousers for boys (€30)
  • Cream shirt (€7.50) or blouse (€8.50)
  • Tie – maroon base with narrow cream and black alternate stripes (€7.50)
  • Official black school rainproof, lined jacket with school logo (€35)
  • Black shoes and black socks or tights for girls
  • Black scarf (only scarf permitted but optional)

Official school shell tracksuit including polo shirt and school logo (€70) will be available to the students in the school in September. While this may appear expensive, a tracksuit should be sufficient for three years if students initially chose their size carefully.

The uniform is available in the Fabric Centre, 15 Park Street, Monaghan (Tel. 047 82062) – near roundabout/opposite St. Joseph’s Church.



  1. The uniform must be clean, neat and correctly worn at all times.
  2. Shirts/blouses should be buttoned at the neck.
  3. Ties must be neatly fastened and not worn loosely.
  4. Skirts to be worn to the knee.
  5. Non-uniform jackets or fleeces are not to be worn.
  6. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. It is limited to two finger rings, one discrete earring in each ear and a wristwatch.
  7. No facial piercings in the interest of heath and safety.
  8. Students are not allowed to wear make-up in school.
  9. We expect students to come to school with their natural hair colour.
  10. P.E. gear should not be worn to or from school or in class at any time in the interests of hygiene.
  11. Students are forbidden from wearing runners while travelling to and from school but runners or football boots must be worn when playing games.
  12. We expect students to always look neat and well groomed while wearing the school uniform.
  13. The disciplinary system will be enforced for breaches of the above guidelines.