Tá fáilte romhat isteach chuig Coláiste Oiriall. Glac tamall anois chun aithne a chur orainn agus chun eolas a chur ar ár scoil. Coláiste Oiriall is a progressive and vibrant school working to the highest standards in teaching and learning. We boast a broad curriculum with a superb range of on-site facilities offering pupils an opportunity to excel. We have a very strong pastoral ethos and generous staff commitment to sporting and cultural activities. We have a very high success rate in securing places in universities and our examination results are consistently considerably higher than the national averages.


  • 2017 (42)
  • 2016 (70)
  • 2015 (85)
  • 2014 (70)
  • 2013 (45)
  • 2012 (43)
  • 2011 (55)
  • 2010 (10)


Rationale (Why?)

Coláiste Oiriall understands that education is a partnership between students, teachers, parents/guardians and the community in general. We understand that each student is an individual who has developmental needs on many levels (personal; physical; spiritual; emotional; sexual; social; academic) in order to take his/her place in society. RSE is necessary for young people to learn about relationships and sexuality in ways that will enable them to think and act in a moral, caring and responsible manner.

The parents/guardians are the prime educators but the school has a secondary role in this work and, hence the development of the Relationships and Sexuality Education programme in Coláiste Oiriall. There is a clear need for schools to be involved in RSE in order to be supportive of the efforts of parents as the primary educators.

Whole School Approach

Every teacher, class and extra curricular activity can offer opportunities for enhancing the student’s personal development. At Junior and Senior Cycle, tutors as well as teachers of Science, Home Economics, Religion, PE, CSPE, SPHE, Guidance and Counselling have a particular contribution to make.

Implementation Procedures

Parents of 1st Year students will be circulated with background/introductory material relevant to the RSE programme.
Parents of each year group will be circulated with the planned topics for the year after the RSE teachers have agreed them. This will be done prior to the commencement of the programme.
Coláiste Oiriall will endeavour to address any concerns any parent may have in relation to programme content.
Relationships and Sexuality Education complements the general aim of the school in contributing towards the development of all aspects of the individual
The programme will be taught as a module within the Social. Personal and Health Education programme (SPHE)



We hope to enable the students to:
– Acquire the understanding and skills necessary to form healthy friendships and relationship
– Develop a positive sense of self-awareness and the skills for building and maintaining self-esteem
– Become aware of the variety of ways in which individuals grow and change especially during adolescence and to develop respect for difference between individuals
– Understand human physiology with particular reference to the reproductive cycle, human fertility and sexually transmitted infections
– Understand sexual development and identity and explore aspects of sexuality including sex role stereotyping, gender issues and cultural influences on sexuality
– Value family life and appreciate the responsibilities of parenthood
– Develop strategies for decisions and actions consistent with personal, moral integrity and respectful of the rights and dignity of others
– Develop skills for coping with peer pressure, conflict and threats to personal safety.

Roles and Responsibilities

Teachers have a responsibility to create an atmosphere which respects the privacy of each individual student and to treat all students with sensitivity and care.
All teachers’ involved will receive training.
The wider community can further support RSE by providing speakers and visitors appropriate to topics under consideration
Male and female members of staff should adapt a comparable role in the promotion and facilitation of RSE in the school

Programme Content

Junior Cycle
Communication, feelings, hygiene, positive image – self esteem., sexual language, puberty, growing and changing, reproduction, conception, pregnancy and birth, relationships with family, friends and boy/girl, gender roles and pressures, personal safety, responsible decision-making, teenage pregnancy

Senior Cycle
Communication, feelings, human reproduction, human sexuality. Family planning.
Pregnancy, parenthood, sexually transmitted diseases, loving relationships, marriage. gender roles, sexual orientation, sexual harassment, assault, rape, abuse