Tá fáilte romhat isteach chuig Coláiste Oiriall. Glac tamall anois chun aithne a chur orainn agus chun eolas a chur ar ár scoil. Coláiste Oiriall is a progressive and vibrant school working to the highest standards in teaching and learning. We boast a broad curriculum with a superb range of on-site facilities offering pupils an opportunity to excel. We have a very strong pastoral ethos and generous staff commitment to sporting and cultural activities. We have a very high success rate in securing places in universities and our examination results are consistently considerably higher than the national averages.


  • 2018 (35)
  • 2017 (59)
  • 2016 (70)
  • 2015 (85)
  • 2014 (70)
  • 2013 (45)
  • 2012 (43)
  • 2011 (55)
  • 2010 (10)


The Irish language is the primary language in Coláiste Oiriall and we expect the students to speak Irish, not only at school but also on their way to and from school and during any school events.

We realise that English is the primary language of the students at home and therefore it is our duty to be to develop the Irish language, both oral and written, among the students. Opportunities will be given to the students to use Irish in various contexts, for example; school tours, guest speakers, debates, games etc

Some parents may be concerned about their lack of Irish but this is not necessary. Parents can use the “cúpla focal” with their children, for example; saying “slán” in the morning and asking “conas mar a bhí an lá scoile? ” at the end of the day. We are asking you to encourage your children to use the language outside of the school environment in order that they will realise that it isn’t a school language only.

Specialized terminology will be given in English as well as in Irish. An English language version of textbooks will be available to students as reference books in the school library

It is our duty as teachers to lead by good example by speaking Irish at all times and thereby encouraging the students to achieve a standard of excellence in Irish.

Every pupil has a responsibility to be positively disposed towards the Irish language. The staff and particularly the Class Tutor will oversee the standard of Irish and encourage the standard of the spoken language.

Notes through the medium of Irish only will be distributed to students in classes. All homework, classwork, class tests and handouts will be exclusively through the medium of Irish.
Irish posters/notices are prioritised in the school
Irish language textbooks will be used where possible.
We expect the students to use the Irish version of their names.